Our Story
We have been in business for over 50years.
Along the way we have helped create leading stylists in our industry. 
Our commitment to education has rewarded us with success.
We have grown as the world has changed and lifted our approach to servicing our clients on a luxurious level.

As individuals we are projecting who we are on the inside through the images we portray on the outside.
Sitting with our clients before we start every service to have a full consultation will help us to find the correct colours and styles to compliment who you are at work and at home.

​Our Vision

Life has us too busy! We have created a space for you to enjoy a pamper session with current magazines, a large range of complimenary refreshments, a separate colour lounge retreat and a place to drift away in the massage lounges.
This is an all year round experience that is necessary to any hard working person to stop and enjoy being waited on for a change.


When planning your wedding day or any formal evening, sit with our stylist's for a free consultation to discuss what shapes will suit your makeup, dress and theme of the day to make sure you have a clear guide. 
Quote included.